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Here's a recent ANCR Sundial for a buyer in California that features the sundial in all of its elegant simplicity. Plus it features a timeless observation: "Time Flies"  Thank you, Alexa, for commissioning a calibrated ANCR Sundial for your celebration!

Click the below video to see a short television interview with me on WKYC-TV's "Golden Opportunities":

Enjoy a Personalized Sundial featuring the Inscription of your choice!

(They make a wonderful gift for that special person or occasion!) 

And unlike generic dials sold in garden stores and big box outlets, ANCR uses your exact latitude, longitude, and time zone to plot the hour lines of your personalized sundial.

Please Note: Our website is featured on the North American Sundial Society's Artisan's web page:

and the French website of Sundial Makers:

Each sundial pattern is cut on a dedicated CNC router using over 40,000 lines of machine code, and takes over 5-1/2 hours to complete!

(a short video of the process can be seen

below -- just click the arrow in the center.)

After completely cooling from its pour temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, the sundial is machined and polished.

A sundial casting emerging from its foundry flask roughly 10 minutes after being poured.

See more of the steps in making a unique ANCR sundial:

(with grateful appreciation to Andrew T. Smith!)

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