The base price for a 10" cast aluminum ANCR Sundial is $399 + 14.95 shipping & handling.


The base price includes your choice of inscription plus the standard Oak Tree background silhouette shown below. Please  indicate whether you prefer the Short or Long Calibration Lines on your design. The Short Calibration Lines cover very little of your background design, while the Long Calibration lines are more traditional.

A change in background silhouette is available for an additional $35.  (The Oak Tree and Blank silhouettes are complimentary.)
A $135 deposit is required before a primary drawing (as shown above) is submitted for your approval. If applicable, the Custom Silhouette fee should also be paid at this time.

Casting Payment
Upon approval, and the $278.95 payment for your Casting & S/H, your design will be crafted into a beautiful 10" cast aluminum ANCR Sundial. 

A photo will be emailed upon completion as well as a Tracking Number for your Priority Mail package.
Sundial Alignment Tools
We are offering a small level and compass at a nominal fee of $6.49 to help you set-up your ANCR Sundial.

(Remember: for highest accuracy, your sundial should be level with the gnomon pointing North.)


(Please use the DROP DOWN MENU for all options.)

For additional charges, please click the below link in your browser: