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Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Shadows Pass, Love is Eternal / May 6, 2000 (Oak Tree Logo - Long Calibration Lines)
"We are absolutely delighted with our new sundial! is fantastic! Thank you so much for your excellent service and attention to detail. We will enjoy this for many years to come!"
E.B. - Richfield, OH

Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Gratias Tibi, Sr. Helen Jean / 2014  (Magnificat High School Logo - Short Calibration Lines)

"The sundial is breathtaking.  Simply gorgeous.  We are so pleased."
S.T. - Rocky River, OH

ANCR Sundial on pedestal
Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

NIEBRZYDOWSKI / 1948  (Oak Tree Background - Short Calibration Lines)
"The sundial looks awesome!  Hopefully it will be in our family for generations to come. Thank you for a great product and the prompt service."
S.N. - Brighton, MI

(A Note From Chet: The above sundial owner (S.N.) sent me a wonderful email that I would like to share, including photos of his new sundial on a custom made stand.)

Hi Chet,

    I received the Sundial Thursday. The Dial is beautiful and I am very pleased with my purchase. I have already heard many compliments from neighbors and friends. 

    I have placed it on the plinth I made and it works and looks great. I made the stand from a product called ChoiceDek/Premium decking (purchased at Lowes) which is made from recovered wood fiber and polyethylene. The plinth matches my deck and dock.

    My well cap cover turned into a monument. I love it!

    Enclosed are some pictures.

    Thank you again for a wonderful product.


Steve N.

ANCR Sundial on pedestal.
3 Paul Revere.JPG

"TIME & TIDE WAIT FOR NO MAN (Custom Anchor & Seagull)
"I LOVE IT!!!  Such a beautiful job!!!  I think my husband will love it, too!"
A.J.R - Centerport, NY

Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Time Began In A Garden  (Apple Tree, Apple with Bite Missing, Serpent, and Butterfly silhouettes)
"It's beautiful!  I'm going to order another!" 

(Note: she did!)
C.G. - Pepper Pike, OH

Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Time Began In A Garden - 2014  (Standard Tree Silhouette)
"Chet, our 25 Year Celebration honoring  our Pastor and his wife, was a joy and a success. I think the honorees are still glowing with pleasure.  They were amazed at the sundial, especially when I pointed out that it was calibrated specifically for their back yard! Thank you for your beautiful work and great customer interactions."
L.C. - Schenectady, NY

Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Our Love Is Timeless, 03-10-12, Mueller  (Oak Tree Silhouette)
"We got it in and immediately ran it outside and it was dead on, so cool! The details and writing came out perfectly, we're really happy with it. Thanks so much for working with me to make such a memorable anniversary gift for my hubby :) "
S.M. - Satellite Beach, FL

Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Runaway Farm / 2012  (Horse Head background)

"We were looking for the perfect gift for our Horse Barn Owner. We found it with ANCR Sundials.We were able to create our own unique design that matched perfectly with the environment and style of the horse barn.The sundial was beautifully crafted and exceeded our expectations."

D.J. - Avon Lake, OH

Calibrated ANCR Sundial.

Let My Heart Be Your Shelter (oak tree silhouette)
“Our daughter-in-law loved the sundial. She really liked the fact we had taken the words from her wedding vows. They are waiting until spring to get the proper placement in their yard. It was wonderful to have such unique gift to give her birthday. Thanks again for the special effort you put in to perfecting the placement of the letters.” 

B.G. – North Olmsted, OH

704 Grandview (2).JPG

TERRI, MAMA, LOVE & DEVOTION (Custom Ursa Major silhouette)
"Looks great. Thank you for the effort you have put into getting what I wanted."

M.W.. – Fullerton, CA

CROOKED LAKE TIME (oak tree silhouette)
[The above sundial is quite unusual. It is calibrated in Daylight Savings Time. It appears that Florida is passing legislation to make it DST all year long.]

"The sundial looks great. It really did turnout nicely."

A.H. – Bartow, FL

11920 County NP (2).JPG

(Standard Oak Tree Background)

"Hi Chet, Just wanted to send a closing note of thanks. The sun dial arrived Friday and was presented on Saturday and admired by us all. It looks great and is a very nice addition to the property."

C.F. - Elison Bay, WI

9838 East Addy (2).JPG

ONCE UPON A TIME / 3-22-1945

(Blank Background - Long Hour Lines)

"Wow Chet! That looks amazing! And, I'm so impressed that you did it so quickly!"

K.V. - Cleveland, OH

14479 Lava Dome.JPG

TEMPUS FUGIT / 9/19/87

(Blank Background - Long Hour Lines)

"Looks great!"

A.C. - Nevada City, CA

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