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I Want One! So what do I do next?

When you are ready to order, please email the following information to ... And then make your deposit on the Price & Payment Tab

Step 1

1. Your name, telephone number and email address

2. The street, city and state address where the sundial will be used.  (I will determine latitude & longitude.)

3. The Time Zone where the sundial will be used (This is so your sundial will match local clock time.)

4. Your inscription. (30 letters and spaces or less are highly recommended!)

5. A date may be added to the center bottom of the hour ring.

6. Your choice of silhouette. The Oak Tree and Blank are complimentary.  There is a small ($35) additional charge for a personal silhouette.

7. Indicate whether you prefer Short or Long Hour Lines on the dial face.

8. Go to the Pricing and Payment tab at the top of this page to make your initial deposit.

Step 2

9. Typically within several days you will be emailed a CAD drawing of your sundial for your approval.  Any changes will be made at this time.  No work will proceed without your approval.

10. Upon approval, and the $278.95 payment for your Casting & S/H, your design will be crafted into a beautiful 10" cast aluminum ANCR Sundial. A photo will be emailed upon completion as well as a Tracking Number for your Priority Mail package.

11. Enjoy your sundial for many years to come!

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